"Improving employee engagement is not simply about improving productivity — although organizations with a high level of engagement do report 22% higher productivity, according to a new meta-analysis of 1.4 million employees conducted by the Gallup Organization.

In addition, strong employee engagement promotes a variety of outcomes that are good for employees and customers. For instance, highly engaged organizations have double the rate of success of lower engaged organizations. Comparing top-quartile companies to bottom-quartile companies, the engagement factor becomes very noticeable. For example, top-quartile firms have lower absenteeism and turnover. Specifically, high-turnover organizations report 25% lower turnover, and low-turnover organizations report 65% lower turnover. Engagement also improves quality of work and health. For example, higher scoring business units report 48% fewer safety incidents; 41% fewer patient safety incidents; and 41% fewer quality incidents (defects)."

Employee Engagement Does More than Boost Productivity,
Harvard Business Review, July 4, 2013
The Strategy Project

What is a 'business'? Is it the buildings? The furniture? The product or service, logo or market share? Not really.

The source, the power of any business, is its people.

The true challenge of organizational transformation is building a business in which people are empowered to think and act in a way that is consistent with their Vision and Values. The reason a business often fails to deliver on its promise is that its people become frustrated, angry, hurt and disempowered by the very environment that is created when they work together.

The Strategy Project helps people in the business connect with their passion. They become actively involved in selecting and prioritizing key activities and assume ownership for producing the desired results. In short, they become re-engaged.

The Strategy Project is designed to solve the problem of competing individual agendas and priorities and the accompanying impact on the organization.  We can help your team focus and align on a common set of goals and bridge the gap between strategy and success.  

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