con·sul·tant: (noun) A consultant is a professional that provides expert advice in a particular domain or area of expertise.  

We are experts in the domain of productivity and process improvement.  Collectively, we have nearly 60 years of experience, with more than 80 Clients.  We know what it takes to help you achieve your strategic and tactical goals. 


A study in the July-August 2005 issue of Harvard Business Review, “Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance” by Michael G. Mankins and Richard Steele, clearly illustrates the potential gain companies can realize by improving the results promised in their strategic plans. The authors analyzed 197 companies with sales exceeding $500 million. On average, these firms realized only 63 percent of the financial value projected in their strategic plans. Most captured less than 50 percent of promised returns.

The study attributes this strategy-to-performance gap to failures in planning and execution. Those companies that excel at planning and executing—and link the two processes—close this gap. That not only creates an additional pool of money available for reinvestment, but also creates a culture of success that can lead to even greater achievement.  

We become part of your team, working side by side with your staff to first identify and prioritize opportunities, develop plans to introduce and manage change and then successfully implement the improvements.  We are with you every step of the way to help your organization bridge the gap between strategy and results.