Life As A Project

Goal (ɡōl/): the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Project (präjˌekt/): an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

Which one sounds more likely to be successful?  A dream or a carefully planned and designed enterprise?

Life As A Project uses proven project management techniques that you can use to accomplish the results you want in life!

Projects are:

  • Time based

  • Grounded in action

  • Intentionally designed

  • Outcome oriented

In the workshop, you'll work through a process designed to have you create a powerful vision for yourself and establish clear and well-defined goals that will have your life rock!

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Scott H., Business Owner: "I took “Life As a Project” because I recently started my own business and really wanted to go into the New Year Strong.  I thought it would be a good workshop to get clear on my goals and create a plan for action around them.  I got much more than I bargained for!  ... It’s only been a week since I took the workshop but, in that time, I have been more productive and – most importantly – seeing and creating opportunities that simply weren’t on my radar last week... "

Linda P., Food Scientist: "I really enjoyed Life as a Project. Goal-setting is something I would often avoid…not wanting to get “nailed down” by what I said, only to possibly “fail” later...Being grounded in my new beliefs, and inspired by my 8+ roles, I stepped into a job interview 2 days later and was offered the job that day! I highly recommend Life as a Project, and plan to do it annually now."

Matt P., Executive: "Jamie lead us through a thought-provoking process that was very insightful. This is a realistic approach to creating goals and putting them in action. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about accomplishing their dreams in the near future. What are you waiting for?"